Git flow bullets/checklist

We use Git flow at work. While the branching strategy makes alot of sense and is easy to follow, it can be easy to forget some steps when executing branch tasks.

Here’s sort of a bulleted checklist I use to make sure for the most part I’m adhering to the spirit of the model. It’s derived mostly from an Atlassian post describing the workflow.

Git flow branches


  • master stores official release history
  • tag each commit on master with version/release number
  • hotfix branches cut from master


  • develop used to integrate feature branches
  • feature branches branch from develop
  • feature branches merged back into develop

release branches

  • release/xxx branches branch from develop
  • only release-related tasks (bug fixes, documentation) allowed into release branch after it is cut
  • once release branch is ready, it is merged into master (which is then tagged with version/release number)
  • release branch also merged back into develop

hotfix branches

  • only hotfix/xxx branches may branch from master
  • once hotfix complete, merge branch into both master and develop
  • master once again tagged (since each commit to master is tagged)